Short Term Course


Session 1: Introduction to Photoshop
Session 2: Preparing to Use Photoshop
Session 3: Graphical User Interface
Session 4: Selections
Session 5: Layers
Session 6: Colour Theory & Colour Corrections
Session 7: Painting
Session 8: Brushes
Session 9: Masking
Session 10: Layer Styles
Session 11: Undo Options
Session 12: Guide, Rules, & The Help Viewer
Session 13: Raster Vs Vector
Session 14: Doctoring Images
Session 15: Smart Objects
Session 16: Gradient
Session 17: Blending Modes
Session 18: Clone, Heal & Patch Tool
Session 19: Multi-Layer Compositing
Session 20: Filters & Special Effects
Session 21: Power of Automation
Session 22: Intermediate Layer Concepts
Session 23: Output Options


Session 1: Introduction to Corel Draw
Session 2: Interface
Session 3: Controlling Documents & Pages
Session 4: Measuring & Drawing
Session 5: Zooming & Viewing
Session 6: Essential Objects
Session 7: Creating Basic Shapes
Session 8: Drawing with Line Tool
Session 9: Cutting, Shaping, & Reshaping Objects
Session 10: Organizing Objects
Session 11: Text Properties
Session 12: Linking Text to Objects
Session 13: Object Outline Properties
Session 14: Colour Fills
Session 15: Blends & Contours
Session 16: Lens & Transparency Effects
Session 17: Depth with Shadows
Session 18: Power Clips
Session 19: Web Resources


Session 1: Overview of Illustrator Basics
Session 2: Getting to Know the Workspace
Session 3: Essentials of Illustrator
Session 4: Adding Colors
Session 5: Working with Drawing Tools
Session 6: Working with Formatting Text
Session 7: Organizing Your Illustration with Layers
Session 8: Transforming Objects
Session 4: Layers Colors Types & Appearance
Session 5: 3d, Special Effects & Working with Images
Session 6: Blends, Mesh, Mask & Libraries
Session 7: Working with Symbols
Session 8: Using Effects & Transparency
Session 9: Exporting & Saving Files
Session 10: Advanced Blending Techniques
Session 11: Illustrator & Web
Session 12: Illustrator New Features


Session 1: Introduction to InDesign
Session 2: Interface
Session 3: Setting Up the Document
Session4: Toolbox
Session5: Organizing the Document
Session6: Formatting Text
Session7: Type Menu
Session 8: Using Colors
Session 9: Working with Image Objects
Session 10: Working with Graphic Objects
Session 11: Working with Elements
Session 12: Exporting to PDF


Session 1: Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro interface
Session 2: Modifying your workspace
Session 3: Knowing Project Settings
Session 4: Video and audio display settings
Session 5: Setting up a sequence
Session 6: Learn to use sequence presets
Session 7: Understanding Supported file formats
Session 8: Importing audio and video files
Session 9: Learning to import still images
Session 10: Importing sequences
Session 11: Learn animation
Session 12: Understanding Fundamentals of Video Editing
Session 13: Using Clips and Markers
Session 14: Adding Transitions in Premiere Pro
Session 15: Advanced Premiere Pro Editing Techniques
Session 16: Learn Editing and Mixing Audio in Premiere
Session 17: Adding Video Effects in Premiere Pro
Session 18: Exploring workspace of Colour Correction
Session 19: Exploring Titles, Graphics, and Motion Graphics
Session 20: Working with shapes and Type Tools

AutoCAD 2D/3D

Session 1: Exploring the AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Interface
Session 2: Creating Your First Drawing
Session 3 Setting-up and Using AutoCAD's Drafting Tools
Session 4: Organizing Objects with Blocks and Groups
Session 5: Keeping Track of Layers and Blocks
Session 6: Editing and Reusing Data to work efficiently
Session 7: Mastering Viewing Tools, Hatches, and External References
Session 8: Introducing Printing, Plotting, and Layouts
Session 9: Understanding Plot Styles
Session 10: Adding Text to Drawings
Session 11: Using Fields and Tables
Session 12: Using Dimensions
Session 13: Using Attributes
Session 14: Copying Existing Drawings into AutoCAD
Session 15: Advanced Editing and Organizing
Session 16: Laying Out Your Printer Output
Session 17: Using Dynamic Blocks
Session 18: Drawing Curves
Session 19: Getting and Exchanging Data from Drawings
Session 20: Creating 3D Drawings
Session 21: Using Advanced 3D Features
Session 22: Rendering 3D Drawings
Session 23: Editing and Visualizing 3D Solids
Session 24 Using the Express Tools
Session 25: Exploring Auto LISP
Session 26: Customizing Toolbars, Menus, Line types, and Hatch Patterns
Session 27: Managing and Sharing Your Drawings
Session 28: Keeping a Project Organized with Sheet Sets


Session 1: Introduction to HTML 5 & Web Design
Session 2: How to Create a Simple Web Page
Session 3: How to Format Your Text
Session 4: Adding Web Links & Images
Session 5: Creating Tables
Session 6: Forms
Session 7: Adding Styles & Classes to Your Web Pages
Session 8: Borders, Backgrounds 7 Loading Divs
Session 9: Building Web Pages Layouts with CSS
Session 10: HTML5
Session 11: Adding Videos & Graphics with HTML 5
Session 12: HTML 5 & CSS3
Session 13: Introduction to Responsive Web Design with Css3 And HTML 5
Session 14: Drawing with The Canvas Tag
Session 15: Summary of New Elements & How to Use Them